Paintings by Dr. Saito

Most people think medicine and art is an unusual combination. Medicine is based on science, technology, and factual evidence while art is personal, subjective, and interpretational.

Seemingly divergent interests have created a rich blend that allows me to utilize both my medical and art training to express very deep emotions and experiences shared by doctors and patients.

Painting keeps me attuned to my emotions, my humanity, and my compassion.

Although very different in many ways, art and medicine have found a balance for me that is filled with beauty, humanity, warmth, and love.

My artistic mission is to offer insight into the science and technology of medicine through the emotion and warmth of my paintings. Through vivid colors and textures, I seek to portray the human spirit of my colleagues and patients in the high tech world of modern medicine.

My goal through ARTinMEDICINE is capture the art of caring. My goal through HAIRISTRY is to fully conceive, believe, and achieve the art of hair restoration.

As an artist and triple-boarded physician, I have the unique synergy of talents including artistic eye, medical expertise, technical skills, and humanism that many doctors do not have.