Dr. Saito’s is giving back to veterans with his humanitarian project called HAIR4HEROES where he is providing free hair restoration to a worthy veteran.

The origins of HAIR4HEROES started 35 years ago with the American Legion School Award Medal that Dr. Saito received upon his 8th grade graduation from Beverly Hills Middle School in Pennsylvania.


Historically, the American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veteran’s organization. In 1921, the Department of Pennsylvania created the School Award Medal Program for the purpose of instilling character and helping perpetuate the ideals of Americanism among youth. The award was given to one boy and one girl in the graduating class who exemplified six qualities that define character: Courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and service.

As the male awardee of the Beverly Hills Middle School American Legion School Award Medal, Dr. Saito had the incredible honor of having his name inscribed on the American Legion school plaque.  In addition, he was given a certificate along with a medal and medallion with the six qualities listed on the face of the medal, as the back bears the Marine Corps motto, “Semper Fidelis” (“always faithful”).

This prestigious recognition left an indelible impression upon Dr. Saito and subsequently shaped his character and allegiance to Americanism and alignment to the betterment of veteran heroes throughout his life leading him to his current humanitarian project: HAIR4HEROES.

The purpose of HAIR4HEROES echoes the goals of the American Legion School Award Medal of developing the six qualities that define character:

C o u r a g e

Bravery in the face of opposition and danger; determination and force to do right without public applause and regardless of personal advantage. A quality of the intellect.

H o n o r

Highly-developed moral character; moral excellence; strength and stability of character; high standards of conduct; devotion to duty; adherence to truth; keen sense of what is right; practice of clean speech and thoughts.

Le a d e r s h i p

Ability to lead and to accomplish through group action; ability to work in harmony and in unison with other leaders in accomplishing group results; desire and ability to fill the voids in the lives of others caused by timidity, illness and other handicaps.

P at r i o t i s m

An ideal of loyal Americanism, religious tolerance, righteous freedom and the willingness to defend our Flag against all enemies – foreign and domestic. Perhaps best defined in the American’s Creed.

S c h o l a r s h i p

Attainments in school studies, quality of school work reflecting the fine traits of industry; perseverance efficiency and intelligence.

S e r v i c e

Kindliness; unselfishness; fellowship; protection of the weak; promotion of the interests and the welfare of associates, and, constructive aid for the up building of schools and of community.

In 2019, Dr. Saito plans to engage all veteran organizations and hope to provide free surgical hair restoration to worthy veterans.

Support for Dr. Saito’s HAIR4HEROES Project includes local veterans organization in Southern California along with MMA Legend: Cris Cyborg.