ARTAS Hair Restoration

Dr. John Saito is the ONLY board-certified Pulmonary & Sleep Specialist in the world to use the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System! FIRST in SoCal to use the ​ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration 9X technology! FIRST in SoCal to use ​the ARTAS Robotic Site-Making technology!

State-of-the-Art Hair Loss Solutions

The ARTAS 9x system enables faster and more precise robotic hair transplant procedures. Some of the benefits of 9X include greater range-of-motion of the robotic arm, newly designed needles for more accurate harvesting, improved optical system, simplified site making, smaller donor wounds, automatic scar detection, and a greater overall speed. 

Robotic Site-Making technology

How does this work? Dr. Saito first draws a hairline and other markings directly onto the scalp to delineate the area to be transplanted. Next, photographs are taken of your soon to be transplanted area and, using new software called the ARTAS™ Hair Studio, the images and markings are converted into a digital 3-D model.

Using the software, Dr. Saito specifies the angle of hair elevation, direction, site depth, average density, and the total number of the recipient site incisions within your transplant area. The site spacing can then be easily modified within the software to create variations in density in different parts of the scalp.

During site creation, the robot automatically uses its image-guided technology to avoid healthy,existing hairs specified by your physician.

The robot creates sites throughout the areas where the hair is finer (miniaturized hair) or the scalp is bald.

It’s with this important feature, the new distribution of sites can be made to complement the distribution of any healthy, existing hair.

The hair restoration process takes only one day and you are able to return to work and your life the very next day with just one follow-up visit with the physician who performed the treatment.